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Hi, I'm Kat, and I'm a fangirl. I've written a few short Pietro stories to date, which are all up on my fic-only journal, dorksidefiker


*waves to everybody*


For a bit of an explaination... I love speedsters, and Pietro, and cute boys with white hair, and Pietro, and cute boys with yellow eyes, and Pietro (well, nobody's perfect...), and cute boys, and Pietro....

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whee hi! fans! *squish* yay i'll be sure to go to ur journal! do you support any pietro pairings? whee~~

hope to see you 'round!
I support all of them, in my own weird little way. Except for Pietro/Wanda, cause that's just creepy.
do you support slash? *cough cough* pietro wanda is kind of... -__________-;;

but pietro/kitty is pretty nice:D
pietro wanda is kind of... -__________-;;

Exactly. And yet people still write it. It squicks me.

As for slash, I'm all for it (as you might guess taking a look at the last part of the Pietro thing I have up on dorksidefiker so far. More parts coming soon). I figure whatever works, works.

My one objection is to badly written slash. But that holds to fanfiction in general.
whee~ i've never actually read much slash, but as long as its good... *shrugs* ah well. :P
Well, hopefully my stuff qualifies as good.

Pietro: *pokes it with a stick* It's too short.

Hush, you. Your job is to stand there and look pretty.

Pietro is really erm, pretty. his fringe makes him look like he has two ponytails ^-^
More Pietro fans! There's not many are there? But the half-arrogant guys are so adorable! And the white haired guys. I also love Nightcrawler, Jamie, Colossus and Chamber. And on the Pietro/Wanda thing, that's just twisted. Some people have their weird kinks, i guess. Ewww. Twincest. So is there a way to join this community? -shakes bag- i brought fan-art... :D
You need to go to the community profile and click the Join Community link.

And another Chamber fan! Yay! *does the fangirl dance of joy*

Y'know, I bet if you read Young Avengers, you'd be a fan of the team's snarky, white haired speedster, Tommy Shepard.
oh ya! that's the new series that came out! or is it... hmmm. i can't remember. Chamber is so awesome! and british. heh. -slams head against keyboard- i keep forgetting about the 'Join Community' link. x.x -joins the fangirl dance of joy!- Huzzah!