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Boom baby!

Quicksilver Fans R Us
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Hey-there, welcome-to-my-fanclub, the-place-where-all-my-rabid-fangirls-can-unite-and-talk-about-none-other-than-moi.

You're so cute when you talk fast, but can you talk a bit slower? Anyways, guys will probably join too Pietro.

I have rabid fanguys too?!?! Anyways, bring on the chicks.

You're so full of yourself, but that's why we love you. *pinches Pietro's cheeks*

You freak me out woman!

Hey, it's what fangirls do.

Ok then-*runs off, probably 5 miles away by the time you click "join community"*

Excuse him. Anyways, welcome to the community. This a place where we talk about Quicksilver, post icons, fics..anything that has to do with our speed demon.

1. Be nice
2. Constructive criticism is allowed only. Anything like "This story sucks" or "You are a crappy artist." will not be tolerated.
3. Please type with some maturity.. I know many of us are fed up with "HeY, PiETro ROx my SOx"
4. Place all stories, icons (if more than 3) and arts behind a cut, with a rating on the stories and art.